Statutes and Call

Foundation Commissioning
International Foundation for Research on Radioactivity Risk

The Foundation is a private operating non-profit organisation that is dedicated to bringing about a major increase in independent research into the risks of radioactivity in the environment. Through programs of funding for research projects, conferences, symposia, fellowships and publications the Foundation will aid basic research in all branches of science relating to the health effects of exposure to radioactivity in the environment. To this end we hereby determine that the network address will canvass for donations to the Foundation.

The following rules shall apply for the Foundation.

  1. The Foundation’s name to be “International Foundation for Research on Radioactivity Risk.”
  2. The Foundation will meet its stated purpose by using all combined resources either to pursue or to provide grants for research into the risks involved in exposure to radiation and those discovered in the progress of such research.
  3. The Foundation will have its own management.
  4. The Board shall consist of at least five and no more than seven members. The undersigned will be members of the Foundation’s first governing board. The Board shall have its seat in Stockholm.
  5. It is for the Board to decide the rules of procedure, decide upon protocols for the preparation and execution of Board decisions and the responsibilities of the Foundation’s current affairs.
  6. The Board shall continuously engage in both general and also project-dependent selectively targeted collection activities.
  7. The calendar year shall be the Foundation’s fiscal year.
  8. The Board may amend, suspend or in particular cases, override the provisions of this writ of paragraphs 4 and 7.
  9. In the event that the Foundation, as a result of changing circumstances, can no longer promote its purpose, all settled and remaining funds will be used for a purpose as close as possible to the Foundation’s aims.


There is an urgent situation to increase interest in research on the dangers of radioactivity in the environment.

To this end we have formed the “International Foundation for research on radioactivity
risk.” Foundation to meet its objective by using our combined resources either to pursue
or provide grants for research on radiation risks and to inform on the progress of

We are part of the Foundation’s collection first Board together with Åke Sundström, William W Hugo C-Charlton och Richard Bramhall.

As founders, we hereby appeal under this call for contributions to the Foundation. Contributions paid appropriately to SEB bank in Stockholm, Sweden, account No

Iban: SE2250000000052011131375
Bic-code: ESSESESS
Stockholm December 2009

Ditta Rietuma
Christopher Charles Busby

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